Explode – Temptation (2005)

Recorded this Demo album with my friends Mohammad Tasooji (Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Vocals) and Reza Tasooji (Drums) and me (Rhythm and Lead Guitars) in Mohammad and Reza’s home studio. This demo album contains 6 tracks in Thrash Metal genre with Persian lyrics. Back in the day we were into 80s metal music so this record was heavily influenced by this particular genre of music. we mixed and mastered the record ourselves. due to the lack of budget and lack of experience the music sounds so dated now but I am proud of what we’ve done in those days.

Explode – Labyrinth of Solitude (2010)

Second record of my former band, Explode, recorded in Eutopia studio during 2009 and 2010. It was our first experience recording a metal album in studio, (Including Drums). This time we were more experienced and tried to write more sophisticated songs with more influence from Progressive Rock/Metal genres of music. The album recorded by Majid Sobhani and Hadi Kiani and mixed and mastered by Hadi Kiani. It contains six songs and has English lyrics which was a new experience for us as well.

The Frame – A Key To Heaven Single and Cover Projects (2014)

The Frame was a Progressive Metal project which contained Hadi Kiani as Keyboard player and Vocals, Mohammad Nik as Bass Player, Arash Pajand Moghaddam as Drummer and me as the Electric guitar player, The project released a single track called “A Key to Heaven” and various cover songs in Youtube from bands like Iron Maiden and Symphony X. eventually the band evolved into “Gereh” project and recorded an album and performed many live concerts in Tehran/Iran before forcing to shut down its activity due to the government censorship.

Reza Yazdani – Duel in the Mirror (2016)

My first collaboration with Iranian Singer, “Reza Yazdani” as a guitar player/session player. I have participated in recording three songs from this album which two of them has become classics and has been played in many live concerts since then. The songs “Radio” and “These Days”. Also it was my first contribution with Babak Shahraki as he mixed and mastered the tracks. and started a new collaboration with Reza Yazdani’s band since then.

Reza Yazdani – Virtual Madhouse (2019)

The Latest album of Reza Yazdani, called “Virtual Madhouse”, recorded in 2019 has various tracks from the singer/song-writer and is my latest collaboration with him as a guitar player.

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