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The journey so far…

I was born in 23 November 1980 in Tehran – Iran. my first encounter with music was in 1993 and it was with Iranian traditional music but after 5 years of practicing and working on traditional music I have found out that it is not my thing and I have decided to leave it alone.
in March 1998 I have started to play electric guitar under the supervision of one of the senior guitar players in Iran, “Farhad Majzoub” in styles of Rock, Blues and Heavy Metal. Since then I have tried to play and practice as much as I can.
Through these years I’ve got my Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and along this profession rock music and playing guitar was/is/will be the main part of my life, and by the time passing by my musical taste and playing changed so much, like many other young players in Iran my first influences were bands like Metallica, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and other similar. though I still love them I’m into more diverse artists / bands and my music tastes can vary from Blues to Progressive Metal.

Live in Tehran With Gereh Band - Circa 2017
Live in Tehran With Gereh Band - Circa 2017
Live in Tehran With Gereh Band - Circa 2018

Explode was also a big part of my life from 2000 to 2010. We did one demo tape in 2005 called “Temptation” and one studio record in 2010 called “Labyrinth of Solitude” with Explode. These projects are more in the vein of thrash metal but with some twists and turns. We tried using Persian lyrics on the first one and adding more acoustic guitars, more progressive oriented riffs and song structures on the second one.

In 1999 me and my close friend, Mohamad Tasooji started a Thrash Metal band that we later decided to call it “Explode”. Explode is a thrash-Metal quartet and it’s focus is on Thrash Metal music with Persian lyrics and we’ve done our debut album entitled “Temptation” with that vibe. You can hear my playing as a lead guitar player in this album, beside working with explode I love to wrote some of my ideas that are not that “Thrashy”! and I love to cover my favorite bands/artists works.

The Frame is a progressive metal project that Hadi Kiani, Mohammad Nik and Me began in 2011. The main focus in this project is the song writing and musicianship in the style of more modern and progressive bands ala Dream Theater, Symphony X, Riverside, etc. We released our first single in 2013 entitled, A Key To Heaven. In the meanwhile, We did couple of cover songs from Iron Maiden and Symphony X with the same line up. Soon The line-up changed into a new project called “Gereh” which had lots of concerts in Tehran in a 2 year time tenure. “Gereh” has recorded an album as well and it will be out soon.

Live in Tehran With Reza Yazdani - 2023

Since 2017 Playing live and in the studio with Iranian Singer, Reza Yazdani is another big project that I’m participated in. Since then I’ve played in various albums and live concerts across Iran which you can find out about them in Discography page of the website. As a musician/Teacher I’m always trying to explore more new things and try more challenging stuff and transfer the beauty of progressing to my students. Finding new ways to express myself as a musician/guitar player and finding new places to go musically is my main goal in my musical endeavors.

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